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The least expensive fencing options are not always the most aesthetically appealing ones. However, they can still provide a certain measure of safety and security.

A six-foot-high wooden fence can easily cost between $10 to $30 per linear foot, and its vinyl fencing counterpart is even more expensive at $12 to $35 per foot. This may be well beyond the budget of many people who want to secure their home, families and other property.

Under the circumstances, the best option would be a wire mesh fence that will cost $2 to $5 per foot on average. Such a fence should be affordable to even the most cost-conscious buyer.

The cost of a one acre fence can easily run up to a minimum of $1,000 if it made of barbed wire or chain links. The larger the area the more the fencing material required and the higher the cost. For one square acre, you will need an absolute minimum of 835 feet of fencing material. If the acre is not a perfect square and contains several corners and/or slopes, the price will increase correspondingly.

Metal and Chain Link Fence

The overall costs of installing a fence also depend upon the height of the fence. The usual options are 4, 6 and 8 feet. The higher sized fence can certainly increase the security of your property, but it won't have any effect on privacy since chain link and mesh fences consist of see-through materials.

If you want optimum security for your family and your pets, the wire mesh fence is your ideal option. But if privacy is also a cause for concern, you will have to increase your budget and go for a wood fence.





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